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Shelter in the Kalahari

GAiN® brings aid and spiritual truth to the San people.

The San people of New Xanagas, Botswana, live in clay huts or straw and grass shelters. Work is scarce for this nearly unreached people group in the Kalahari Desert. They must travel to nearby towns for shopping or jobs.

Through a partnership of ministries, Global Aid Network, Cru's relief ministry, sent a mission team of 11 adults and four children from three African countries to this village. They met an elderly couple living under a shabby shelter with 15 other family members. The couple had been told two months prior that the team was coming to build them a home, but they were doubtful.

The day the missions team arrived, a spark of hope could be seen in the wife's eyes.

During the team's weeklong stay, the days were broiling while nights were freezing. "In the mornings, some of the team trained 20 local Christians in a makeshift, half-open barn, sitting on crudely made wooden benches," says Lizelle Pieterse, national coordinator of GAiN South Africa. everyday after the trainings, the group went out into the town to talk with people about Jesus.

After a week, 135 people indicated decisions to invite Jesus into their lives–the oldest, age 93, and the youngest, age 3.

Some team members also helped erect a new home for the elderly couple in three days.

Part of GAiN's mission is to "demonstrate the love of God through word and deed." When the team left, they had not only met physical needs, but also had spiritually equipped San trainees who continue visiting their neighbors, boldly teaching the people of New Xanagas about Jesus Christ.


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